3 cheap sightseeing options in expensive destinations

Are you going somewhere lavish soon?

Saving up for a nice vacation to a destination known to be expensive can be a great and fun travelling goal. Maybe you need to go somewhere for a wedding, or you’ve been planning on one of your special bucket-list trips. You might just end up in one of the most expensive cities in the world without even realizing it. Who wouldn't want some financial reprieve for a day?

We’re going to look at three notoriously expensive cities today and find some cheap fun if you’re looking for something other than the classic museum circuit. Save on food by prepping at your hotel, and make sure to find the cheapest quote on travel insurance before you depart.

Paris, France

Oui, oui et je t’aime, it’s the city of love! Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world which means that whatever is most expensive is directed at the millions of tourists that visit each year. For a relatively small, centralized city to host that many tourists, it makes sense that there’s a certain entrance fee to visit.

We’re going to suggest you visit a gorgeous neighbourhood, and hang out somewhere along the Canal Saint-Martin that stretches over 4.5 kilometres. Sure, there will be restaurants around, but you should bring a cute picnic dinner and sit by the water’s edge, listen to the sounds of the street, and sip on some wine.

Tokyo, Japan

You made it to one of many traveller’s wish list vacations, bustling Tokyo. Though it has the reputation of being expensive (housing prices, mainly), touring Tokyo could come in cheaper than places like New York or Melbourne. If you steer away from expensive parts of Tokyo such as Ginza and Roppongi, you’ll be avoiding major costs.

Hop on the subway and get to Odaiba island by crossing the Rainbow Bridge. It’s an artificial island home to Mega Web, Toyota’s public showroom that puts its motorsport history and future on display, for free!

At Mega Web, you’ll be able to test prototypes from vehicles of all types and new hardware that features innovations in artificial intelligence. Wait a second… artificial intelligence on an artificial island?! I think I just cracked the code. Bring your driver’s licence!

Oslo, Norway

A small, but covertly expensive city. Norway has done pretty well for itself economically. In fact, from 1971 to 2001, their gross domestic product rose by 177% despite leaving the EU in the 1990s. One could argue that their food and drink prices are so high due to their physical location, plus the cost of importing certain commodities.

Now, if you book tickets ahead, you will definitely have cheaper options available to you and save some money on the ticket prices once you land. Some of the extravagant city/walking tours cost upwards of $1000 CAD, but you can see the sights for way less than that.

Let’s hope you’re visiting Oslo in the summertime, so you can check out their gorgeous Hovedøya Island in the Oslo Fjord. It’s close to the city centre and is home to beaches, historical sites and forest adventures. You take a ferry over with a simple day-ticket to Oslo’s public transportation service, which costs about $17CAD. Bring some food and spend the day basking in that fresh Norwegian air – smells like a bargain.