4 Types of Travel Insurance and What They Cover

There are a number of reasons you could be taking a trip, from a quick dip to the US for work, or a month-long backpacking adventure across Europe, so it makes sense that there are different types of travel insurance to choose from. But, how do you know exactly what kind of travel insurance is right for you and your individual needs? Don’t worry we are here to help. Here is a handy breakdown of the different types of travel insurance available to you, and what each has to offer.

Emergency Medical Insurance

Medical insurance essentially acts a replacement for the health insurance you have at home while you are on your trip. If you happen to fall ill, or are in some sort of accident while traveling outside of your home province or country, then emergency medical insurance is there to cover the medical costs. It is best to speak with your insurance broker when getting medical insurance for your trip as it can vary depending on your age, trip length and location, and medical history.

In some cases it might be hard to find adequate emergency medical insurance if you have a pre-existing condition or have not met your stability period Luckily there are some insurers who cater to those who may have trouble getting coverage, PrimeLink being one of them. PrimeLink offers insurance catered specifically to those with pre-existing conditions with the TravelSense plan.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance covers you if you have booked non-refundable travel plans and you’re unable to take your trip. Similarly trip interruption insurance has your back if your trip encounters unexpected bumps or delays..

Trip cancellation and trip interruption are very similar types of travel insurance. The most discernable difference is that trip cancellation is typically put to use before you leave on your trip, while trip interruption comes into play once you have already left. Both are good options if you book a trip well in advance of your anticipated departure date and include a number of pre-payments and deposits.

Baggage Insurance

Finding out the airline has lost your checked baggage is a terrible feeling. It leaves you without essential and valuable belongings that you need for your trip. On top of not only losing your things, you also have to spend a fair amount of money getting new clothes, toiletries, etc to use while on your trip. Lost luggage can be extremely expensive, but luckily baggage insurance is there to help.

Baggage insurance can help you in the instance that your baggage is delayed or lost entirely. If delayed, the insurance should cover the cost of needing to buy the essentials you’ll need until your bags catch up with you. In the event of lost baggage, the insurance should cover the entirety of it’s contents as well as the cost of the luggage itself.  

All-inclusive Travel Insurance

All-inclusive is just that, all-inclusive. This kind of travel insurance encompasses all of the insurance options mentioned above into one handy policy. While all-inclusive insurance tends to be the most expensive option, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that you have proper emergency medical, trip cancellation and interruption, as well as baggage insurance. When you factor in all the coverage you are receiving, the cost isn’t really all that steep. This type of insurance is especially helpful for longer excursions that are further from home. Especially if you send a good amount of money on your vacation it is worth it to spend a little extra on the best travel insurance option available.