6 tips for traveling with only a carry-on bag

Traveling with only a carry-on can be a liberating experience. Not only do you free yourself from the dangers of your airline losing your luggage, but you also save money and time by not having to check a bag. Not to mention, you have the freedom of only toting around one piece of luggage aside from your personal bag. But, how can you manage to travel solely out of one small piece of luggage? Here are some tips to help you make it happen.

Know your airline’s baggage policy

Before committing to a certain carry-on bag, be sure to check your airline’s baggage policy. Many North American airlines follow the same guidelines for size and weight when it comes to your allowed carry-on, but there are some exceptions, and rules for going abroad can vary significantly. To avoid the need to check your bag last minute, read the guidelines carefully and ensue your bag meets the airline’s parameters.

Take only what you need

A carry-on means you have limited space, so you need to plan ahead and pack smart. This means, no more over packing your bag with things you won’t need. If you are going to a warm climate, chances are you will not need your heavy jacket or boots. It is best to assess what you will be doing during your trip and pack accordingly. For example, if you have an action back trip full of sightseeing and back to back activities, chances are you do not need to bring three thick hardcover books with you. Thing critically while packing, and make cuts when necessary.

Think critically about your wardrobe

When packing, be sure to only pack clothes that you know you will wear. So, that shirt that you are thinking of bringing that you haven’t worn in years? Leave it at home. If you haven’t worn for a long amount of time, chances are you are not going to wear it while you are away.

Additionally, think of ways to make the most number of outfits possible, with the least number of pieces. As a rule of thumb, if it cannot work with at least two outfits, do not pack it. The more you can make work with each other, the less you have to bring to create different looks throughout your trip. A good trick to this is to pack neutral colors that can work with each other, and brighten them up with small accessories. As for shoes, which are a major space hog, try to pack one or two pairs that will go with the majority of your outfits.

Roll your clothes

Did your mother ever tell you not to roll your clothes up in a ball when you put them away? While normally that is a good rule to follow, packing your luggage can be the exception. If you roll your clothes (neatly!) you are able to fit much more into a smaller space. Just be sure that your accommodations has an iron or a steamer, you will most likely have some wrinkled pieces.

Utilize reusable travel bottles

Instead of bringing full bottles of toiletries, opt to transfer some of the product into reusable travel bottles. Not only will this save space for you in your carry-on bag, but airlines do not allow liquids amounting to more than 100ml on with you. These bottles are meant to get go through security, and will allow you to take your favorite shampoo, facewash, etc. with you. Many airlines require your liquids to be placed in a clear bag, so be sure to have one of those handy. You can buy reusable travel specific bags, or you can use sealable freezer bag from your cupboard.

Wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes

Bulky clothes and shoes are the biggest space hogs, so if possible, it is best to wear those on the plane. Alternatively, to make space, you can wear as many layers are possible. The more you can fit on your person, the more room you have in your ba