The best insurance plans for snowbirds

It's that time of year again. The time where Oscar-bait movies start hitting theatres, storefronts get a holiday-themed makeover, and snowbirds prepare to head south for the winter.

A key part of making those travel preparations is purchasing travel insurance. No traveler should be heading abroad without a travel insurance plan, but this is especially true of snowbirds. As a demographic, snowbirds have a unique set of needs and conditions that must be met. It is a policy's capacity to satisfy these things that separate the weak plans from the best ones.

Listed below are some of the policy inclusions that are typically found in the best snowbird insurance plans.

No age restrictions

While it is possible that younger and middle-aged adults may choose to be snowbirds at some point, there's no denying that the vast majority of these heat-seeking travelers come from the older demographics. Thus, the most snowbird-friendly policies are those that set aside age restrictions and allow the 65+ crowd to purchase coverage.

Pre-existing medical condition coverage

Building off of what was discussed in the previous section, the demographics of snowbird insurance make it so that coverage of pre-existing medical conditions is near-essential for the product. Many of the snowbirds looking for an insurance plan will have some sort of stability period and pre-existing condition to contend with and would be leaving themselves highly exposed with a policy that excluded it. Coverage of this nature can be difficult to find, but Prime Link's TravelSense Plan is a good example of one that offers it.

Emergency transportation back home

Though snowbirds are always banking on having a relaxing winter in the sun, sometimes disaster strikes and leaves them needing some serious medical treatment. When that happens, it may be in their best interests to go home and be with doctors and specialists who they have already established a relationship with, which is why having this benefit included in a plan is so nice to have.

Medical and non-medical benefits

As a snowbird it is possible to get insurance that only provides medical benefits, but it isn't really advisable to do so. Non-medical benefits like trip cancellation and trip interruption can become important if you health could cause you to change travel plans last minute. Getting a policy that includes both medical and non-medical benefits is something that every snowbird should prioritize.