Can I get travel insurance if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

While travel insurance is an important part of any trip, there are those that find it difficult to find the coverage that they need. Many who live with pre-existing medical conditions face challenges when applying for emergency medical travel insurance. However, while it can be a difficult task, it is not impossible for those with pre-existing condition to find affordable and effective travel insurance. Thankfully plans like PrimeLink’s TravelSense™ are able to be there when other insurers may not be.

What is a pre-existing condition?

Let’s start off but looking at just what exactly constitutes as a “pre-existing condition”. In the realm of travel insurance, a pre-existing condition refers to a medical condition that you are diagnosed with prior to leaving for your trip. A pre-existing condition can rage from a number of things like pregnancy, diabetes, or asthma, to more severe heart conditions, respiratory problems, or cancer. Conditions on the more severe end of the spectrum may impede your ability to be approved for emergency medical travel insurance, as you pose a bigger risk to your insurer.


Because of the increased risk a pre-existing medical condition can pose, the cost of premiums can be highly expensive, and some insurers even opt to avoid providing coverage of that level all together. But, thankfully for those with pre-existing conditions, PrimeLink offers a unique plan called TravelSense™. TravelSense™ is designed specifically to provide coverage for those who are hard to insure with pre-existing medical conditions, and at a fair and manageable price. The plan covers all disclosed pre-existing conditions, allowing you to gain peace of mind knowing that you will be covered if something goes awry while you are away from home. If you feel like you may fall into the category of those will pre-existing conditions, have a conversation with your travel insurance broker, and see what the best coverage options would be for you.  

Be honest with your insurer

If you do happen to have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important to be honest and disclose that information when filling out your travel insurance application. Being less than truthful on your application can lead denied coverage, as your insurer is not able to cover you for a condition that they were not previously aware of. Furthermore, omitting information or lying on your travel insurance application can lead to the cancellation of your policy, and the refusal of selling you policies in the future.