Getting Travel Insurance After You’ve Retired

Depending on where you may have worked, there is a chance you never had to think about purchasing your own travel insurance; it was always included in your work benefits. But, now you are retired, about to go on a trip, and having to find your own coverage. Do not fear, we are here to help you. Here is a helpful guide as to how to go about getting travel insurance once you have retired.

How to get Coverage Once You Retire

So now that you no longer have coverage through your employer, it is in your best interest to seek out a new form of travel insurance for your next trip. The last thing you want is to be caught on vacation with lost baggage or in a local hospital and without proper travel coverage. Getting travel coverage is a relatively simple process, but if you are worried, a travel insurance broker would be more than happy to to help you.

Picking the Plan That is Right for You

There are a number of plans you can choose from to best fit your coverage needs. Whether you are looking for one-trip emergency medical coverage, or long-term all inclusive coverage for your winter in Florida, the best course of action would be to speak with your travel insurance broker and determine what coverage would suit you best.

If you know that you will be doing a fair amount of traveling throughout the year, or going on an extend stay vacation, it may be a good option to look into the multi-trip annual plans. This ensures that you have coverage for the year, without having to apply for coverage every time that you leave the country or even your province. Even though the policy is for a full 365 days, as with all travel insurance plans, there are rules as to how long your insurance can cover you while you are out of country. So, to ensure that you have proper coverage for the duration of your trip, be sure to speak with your broker about your intended travel plans.

The single-trip plans are perfect if you are just going on a trip or two throughout the year. They tend to be cheaper than their annual plan counterparts, so unless you know you will be going on multiple trips throughout the year, opting for a single trip plan will ensure that you still have proper coverage, but will also save you money.

Getting Coverage With Pre-Existing Condition

If you are someone who falls into the category of having a “pre-existing condition” don’t worry, you are still able to get proper travel insurance coverage. Many insurers shy away from offering travel insurance that can fully cover those with pre-existing conditions, so it can be hard for some to find sufficient coverage. But, here at PrimeLink we offer the TravelSense plan, which is a rare plan that caters to those with pre-existing conditions at a competitive rate.