The Steps to Getting Travel Insurance Coverage

Booking a vacation can be almost as fun as the vacation itself. You get to read up on all the cool stuff you’ll be able to do, check out pictures of local attractions and scroll through reviews of the nearby restaurants. When your departure date comes within view, the countdown begins!

Of course, not every last aspect of the planning is fun. It’s never too enjoyable when you see the money for a flight come out of your bank account. And speaking of things that aren’t fun, how about insurance? No one associates the word insurance with having fun.

But even though getting travel insurance may be less exciting than plotting your excursions, it’s a necessary part of the planning process. Here’s the best way to go about getting your coverage.

Choose Your Coverage

Trip cancellation or interruption: This will usually cover any money you’ve paid in the event that you need to cancel or alter your vacation because of illness, natural disaster, etc.

Baggage: Most non-medical insurance coverage also protects you financially if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged while on your trip. Although suitcase contents will need to be replaced at your destination, being reimbursed for their cost takes some of the frustration out of the situation.

Emergency medical: Emergency medical insurance is what many people think of when they talk about travel insurance. It covers you if you suffer an injury or illness and need to seek medical attention while away. Emergency medical is not just for international trips, it is still recommended if you’re just visiting a different province as provincial health care varies by province.

If you’re uncertain as to which options best fit your needs, go ahead and skip to the next step to obtain some advice.

Connect With a Broker or Insurance Provider

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of travel insurance policy you’d like to get, you’ll need to talk to a broker or an insurance provider. You can either do this on the phone or online.

The benefit of going online is that you can get a quote for the travel insurance policy you want just by entering a little information about yourself and trip. Once you’ve got a quote, you can determine whether to buy it or look elsewhere for a better deal.

When you’ve found the perfect travel insurance policy, a few more clicks and it’s yours. You are now covered for trip cancellation, lost luggage, emergency medical or a combination of these three, while on vacation.

Enjoy Your Holiday!

Traveling outside of Canada, or even outside of your own province, requires that you have insurance coverage. If you don’t get it, you risk incurring large expenses and have to worry about getting sick or getting injured. Rather than focusing on what could go wrong, wouldn’t you rather be enjoying all the fun and adventure of your trip?