What Happens to Your Travel Insurance if you Extend Your Trip?

You’re off on vacation, it’s unfortunately coming to a close, and you realize that you really are not ready to come home yet. So, you re-arrange your flight plans and book your accommodations for an extended stay. You figure you have all your bases covered. But what about your insurance coverage?

You got travel insurance when you left, but only for the original duration of the trip. What happens now that you are going to be away longer than originally thought?

Can you Extend Your Coverage?

The short answer is yes, you are able to extend your travel insurance if you extend your trip, even if you are mid-vacation in another part of the world. However, like with most things in insurance, there are caveats.

There may be a waiting period before the coverage kicks in, there may be a cap as to how long it can be extended or you may need to offer additional medical information. Or your provider may not even offer extended coverage. When applying for extended coverage in this situation, it is best to speak to your insurer and ask questions so you thoroughly understand the travel insurance available to you, and ensure you have the coverage you need. The most important thing to is remember that you must already have travel insurance before you leave your province in order to extend coverage.

Why you Should Extend Your Coverage

If you don’t extend your travel insurance coverage, you are leaving yourself vulnerable. Even if you had coverage at the beginning of your trip, and something happens to you after your original coverage ends, your insurance provider will not be able to help you.

It’s easy to be in the mindset that you’re already there, you’re feeling good and you’ve made it through a week without any issues. So insurance might feel unnecessary. But the same hazards present before you departed are still very much in play - you could still get sick or your baggage could be lost on the return flight. If something happens without extending your travel insurance you will be stuck with the bill, making your extended trip even more expensive than anticipated.   

How to Extend Your Coverage

Once you realize that you are planning on extending your vacation, you should get in contact with your travel insurance provider ASAP. Often, coverage of this manner may not overlap with existing coverage, so waiting to the last minute could leave a window when you’re vulnerable.

When applying for extended coverage with your insurer, you may have to answer questions regarding your health and the trip itself. Your provider will want to ensure that you haven’t already gotten sick on your trip before allowing your coverage to continue. Additionally, many providers will put a cap on how long the extended coverage can last.

It is important to speak with your travel insurance provider, as not all insurers offer extended coverage for those already abroad. PrimeLink does have this option, which you can find using the travel insurance quote tool, and selecting “Top Up.”

If you know you are planning on travelling for multiple shorter trips throughout the year, it may be worth your while to look into annual travel insurance plans, ensuring that you are covered for the full calendar year.