PrimeLink Travel Insurance Plans



Don't let a medical condition stop you from travelling. Get coverage regardless of your age or pre-existing condition.

  • Medically underwritten
  • Covers pre-existing conditions
  • Personalized coverage
  • No mandatory deductible
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Easy, plain language application


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Protection for the everyday traveller. Choose between annual and single trip coverage options.

  • Single trip plans
  • Multi-trip annual plans
  • All inclusive plans and emergency medical plans
  • 50% off emergency medical single trip plans for domestic travel


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An Actual Universal Quote

Couple, ages 61 and 62
18-day international trip
All inclusive
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PrimeLink offers both Universal and TravelSense policies. Universal policies are for everyday travellers. TravelSense policies are medically underwritten prior to departure.

The quote you see here is for two people travelling together outside of Canada for 18 days. Their policy protects them from emergency medical costs, lost or damaged baggage and trip cancellation or interruption.

The quote you receive upon completing an application is determined by your medical history, trip duration and destination. Travellers who take multiple trips within the same year can opt for an annual plan that provides continuous coverage each time they leave their home province.


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